Watch: Biden Isn’t Happy About The Chants Breaking Out At Stadiums Across The Country AGAIN!

It’s happening again!

The “F–k Joe Biden” chants are breaking out all over the country. Below is a compilation of college football stadiums across the country.

Things are picking up right where they left off in 2021, we previously reported…

The famed “f–k Joe Biden” chant has been breaking out at events all over the country. The sports news outlet Outkick reported that the chants have migrated from college football games to baseball games:

Fans chanting “Fuck Joe Biden” at stadiums from Tennessee to Alabama to Oxford, Mississippi is quickly becoming the battle cry for football fans across the country as the citizens of this country continue to show disobedience to the great Emporer and his presidency.

The big news this week with the “F**k Joe Biden” chant movement is that it has spread from college football and into the baseball community, where New Yorkers chanted “Fuck Joe Biden” during Fox Sports’ weekend coverage of the Subway Series. Fans could be heard sending a message to Biden as ARod and Big Papi dissected the Yankees-Mets game.

Lewis’ latest release has also triggered the left, he went after left wing statue toppling activists and Bruce Springsteen. What really has the left fuming is that it has passed Big Red Machine’s “Renegade” featuring Taylor Swift and is one of the most popular songs in the country.

In October of 2021 the chant even made it to the House floor.

During Representative Bill Posey’s (R-FL) speech on the floor of the House he ended with “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“Build Back Better” plan “can’t pass the straight-face test.” He added, “It’s not hard to see where you’re coming from. Based upon the false promise that he would unify America, Biden got into the Oval Office … but we all know the unification promise was a lie. And your majority is going to be short-lived.”