VIDEO: RINO Murkowski Gets The Punishment She Deserves

Recently, former President Trump held a rally in Alaska and spoke for about 90 minutes at the Alaska Airlines Center.

The crowd was excited, and at one point, the former President dropped a rare-f-bomb causing the crowd to cheer “USA! USA!”

Trump was detailing a story about a meeting he held with generals during a surprise visit to Iraq. The meeting included the details of their plans to wipe out ISIS, and one of the generals lamented it could take years. But, another general spoke up, vowing that he would “hit’em in the f***ing center.”

“I’d hit ‘em on the left. I’d hit ‘em on the right. I’d hit ‘em in the f***ing center… Right smack,” Trump proclaimed.

That was when the crowd started cheering.

Former President Trump then took a step back to let the crowd cheer as they grew louder and louder. Then he smiled and said, “I like Alaska.”

Trump made it very clear he was in Alaska to campaign against incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski, who voted to impeach him.

He then gave support to Republican US House candidate Sarah Palin and US Senate candidate Kelly Tshibaka, primarying Murkowski.

Trump said that Palin is “legendary” and referred to Tshibaka as “wonderful.” He then focused on Murkowski calling her a RINO and noting that she is “worse than a Democrat.”

“She voted to impeach me. And I did more for this state than any president in history. And that piece of,” he said, pausing to mouth the word “garbage” to the crowd, “voted to impeach me!”

When Palin took the stage, she was fearless.

“It’s no longer Democrat versus Republican. This is all about control versus freedom,” she said. “It’s good versus evil. It is a spiritual battle.”

Palin also vowed to battle for her district, using a saying her father used to tell her.

“Well, my dad’s words exactly were: ‘Don’t retreat. Reload,’” she said, to loud cheers.