Retired NYPD Detective Breaks Down Parkland High School CCTV Footage [Video]

Retired NYPD Detective calls out Broward Officers for Not Acting While There Was And Active Shooter On Campus.

In the original interview with the Broward Deputy Scot Peterson, he claimed he thought shots were being fired from outside the building. Since the release of the video Peterson hasn’t said a word and with good reason. The CCTV footage, which was only released to the public after multiple threats of a lawsuit by media outlets, shows the cowardly officer outside of the building where shots were being fired.

It was further confirmed that Peterson was aware the shooter was inside by police correspondence where Peterson told officers he ‘thought’ the shooter was in the 1200 building. Peterson never moved from his safe location to guide officers in.

Harry Houck, an active shooter specialist, and retired NYPD detective says “There is something wrong… there is something the Sheriff is not telling us”. His point of view is that, though officers were told to stay back, he has never seen so many ‘cowards’ in one place and believes there has to be more to it than just protocol. Take a look.


As Reported By  Katherine Lam with Fox News:

The surveillance videos were made public after several media outlets sued for the release. A Broward circuit judge authorized the release on Thursday. Broward County Schools Superintendent Robert Runcie backed Thursday’s release of the video, saying it brings “transparency” to the investigation.

“I believe in transparency with the public and I believe they should see it,” Runcie had told the Sun Sentinel. “The public has a right to know what happened, and we should be able to learn from that and figure out what we need to change in our institutions to get better as we go forward.”

“The attorneys agreed it wouldn’t give any of our secrets away with regard to security” at Douglas High School, School Board Chairwoman Nora Rupert told the Sun Sentinel about the decision not to appeal the video’s release.

It’s unclear if other camera angles surrounding the school were available.

President Trump last month slammed Peterson’s actions, calling him a “coward.”

“When it came time to get in there and do something, he didn’t have the courage, or something happened,” Trump said. “He certainly did a poor job. That’s the case where somebody was outside, they are trained, they didn’t react properly under pressure or they were a coward.”

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