The More You Know: Three Liberal Policies That Secretly Keep American Borders Open.

Take a look at these 3 ‘Trojan Horse’ policies liberals have in place that keep U.S. borders open. Could this be intentional?

Prior to Trump’s announcement of closing off American borders to those who want to enter the United States illegally, the issue was a bipartisan concern, or so it seemed. As soon as President Trump actually started taking action, where other politicians and presidents have been all talk, the left tightens up in defense of the illegals.

Perhaps, this is because it may actually get done under the current administration? That seems to be the real concern since we know the left doesn’t really care about these ‘dreamers’ outside of the extra votes they stand to collect. One author with American Thinker found three possible (liberal) ‘trojan horse’ policies that leave the borders open regardless. If this is true then it further proves that liberals never intended to offer American citizens any type of protection against illegal immigrants who would do them harm.

As Written By Russ McSwain with American Thinker:

I’ve lost count of the pundits and people who call themselves comedians who refer to the absurdity of Trump.  He is an interesting and contradictory guy, but what is most notable about his presidency is how consistent, reasonable, and realistic his policies are.  His policies do not work at cross-purposes.  One can disagree with his choices, but there is no basis to call them absurd.

Democrats are a different story.  They really are absurd.  Library shelves are filled with books about liberal policies that either achieve the exact opposite of the ones intended or cancel the effect of other policies.  We have before us another example with the total commitment to open and unfettered immigration.  That the desired immigration is not merit-based adds to the absurdity.

The three most cherished goals for Democrats are these.

1. Reduce carbon emissions to combat global warming (sorry – climate change).

2. Reduce income inequality, at least to the golden-age level of the 1950s.

3. Provide affordable access to health care for all Americans.

We’ll look at each in turn, but pay special attention to health care, as it ties into the need for merit-based immigration.

1. Carbon emissions.  To be clear, I am not a believer in the notion that humanity faces a crisis caused by fossil fuels.  I’m not a denier.  It would be easy to convince me.  All it would take is, you know, evidence.  But this isn’t about what I think.

Scratch even reasonable Democrats and you’ll find an Al Gore.  They explain the urgent need to reduce our carbon footprint by burning less in fossil fuels in order to save the planet.  They really say “to save the planet.”  Here is Hillary Clinton making the point as only she can.

The crazies think we should convert everything to renewable fuels.  The slightly more rational give a little leeway to natural gas and maybe even nuclear power.  But it is the crazies, like Gov. Jerry Brown, who also push the most extreme immigration policies, including sanctuary cities and states.  By the way, it’s the crazies who are likely to win Democratic primaries…

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