Hours After Biden’s Chief of Staff Gets the Boot, Something Happened That…

News has come out that one of Biden’s lowest-performing staffers is finally leaving the White House. Of course, he’s not getting fired. Biden has yet to hold any of his failed staffers accountable. For other reasons, Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain is leaving.

Klain’s time at the White House was marked by endless failure. He didn’t just prop up Biden’s worst decisions. His incompetence even hurt Biden’s agenda, like when one of his retweets gave the Supreme Court reason to strike down the vaccine mandate.

So, who will be filling Klain’s shoes? A competent, accomplished leader? Nope. The man who advised Biden on perhaps his worst decision ever.

From Daily Wire:

President Joe Biden will appoint a former COVID czar to be his next chief of staff, according to a report Sunday…

[Jeff] Zients served as COVID response coordinator for the first year-plus of Biden’s presidency, leading the charge in promoting vaccinations.

Wow. Biden is finally getting rid of some dead weight. Only to replace it with some more dead weight. Ron Klain is leaving his post as White House chief of staff. But the man who will replace him will be Jeff Zients, Biden’s COVID czar from his first year in office.

Zients is the man behind Biden’s botched and incomprehensible COVID policy. Most of what Democrats did to address COVID was wrong, often violating Americans’ rights. But it was Biden who trumped them all by mandating vaccines, on pain of losing your job.

Zients was part of that horrifying trampling of our constitutional rights (which, of course, the courts struck down again and again). Was he the one to urge Biden to issue those mandates? And now, Biden is rewarding this man by putting him in charge of his entire staff.

But, you might be thinking, this guy works for Democrats. So, he should be a “man of the people,” right? Wrong. As always, Democrats go for the rich and powerful to fill their seats. Zients got rich through investing, meaning he’s part of the one percent. He was an Obama flunky and even infiltrated social media, to force them to do the left’s bidding.

And now, he will be in charge of Biden’s White House. I’m sure he’ll do as good of a job as he did running Joe’s COVID response.