Hot Head Beats Up Older Man Over Traffic?

Man Gets Beaten Up For Using Brakes.

A 71-year-old Minnesota man was the victim of a brutal beating for doing nothing more than using his brakes, after a car in front of him came to a sudden stop. The car behind him apparently had been following too close and the driver was enraged by this quick stop. The angry driver took great offense and felt the need to taunt the 71-year-old man, presumably Mr. Johnson. Johnson felt that the incident was over and drove home.

He pulled into his driveway and saw the car that had been taunting him drive by. Johnson thought the incident was over so he exited the vehicle and started walking towards his front door. His house did not have any outside lights on so he did not see his attacker coming. Apparently, the attacker had driven past the house and then snuck back to attack him. After his initial sucker punch, he continued his assault while yelling: “Had Enough!”

The angry man drove off leaving Johnson in shambles. He “sustained multiple face fractures and several lacerations requiring many stitches in the Friday evening attack in East Bethel.” The daughter in law elaborated, He sustained “A broken nose, broken eye socket, stitches upon stitches, bruising, etc. But no brain damage and thank god…ALIVE!!!”

“Anyone who would brutally attack a senior citizen in this manner is a clear danger to the public,” the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office” stated.

Johnson’s daughter in law AmyJane posted the following on Facebook in hopes of bringing this violent man to justice.

The attacker is still at large but has been described as a white male in his 30’s, about 6 ft tall and with short dark hair. It is believed that he was driving a dark colored Mustang. They are supposing that he was wearing a ring on his right hand and likely has damaged up his hand pretty good. But all this over a quick stop? Would the violent guy be happier if they just crashed into a quick braking car together instead? When they find him they should revoke his license for this insanity.