Hilarious Gun-Grabber’s Ignorant Comment Gets Her Publicly Shamed

An anti-gun activist is outraged that an 18-year-old can buy a .22 long rifle, seriously.

Shannon Watts Twitter feed is littered with the same extreme-left mumbo-jumbo that we have become accustomed to. That same nonsense got her caught up in an online public shaming as the gun-grabber went on the attack of what is essentially a roided-out BB gun, a bolt-action .22LR. Take a look.

As Reported By BEN MARQUIS with Conservative Tribune:

In the eyes of Watts and her small but vocal coterie of liberal moms demanding gun bans, the above rifle should be classified as an “assault weapon” and ripped from the hands of law-abiding citizens, largely because of its black “tactical” appearance that resembles a military-issue firearm.

But in reality, the gun Watts is apparently so fearful of is nothing more than a bolt-action .22 long rifle caliber firearm, the sort of firearm that legions of gun owners learned to shoot with and grew up around as children. Deadly with a well-placed shot, yes, but still barely a step above a BB gun, and largely suitable for target practice or hunting small game like rabbits and gophers.

And then the internet got involved…


“That’s a bolt-action, .22-caliber rifle. It’s used for target practice and hunting small critters/varmints. That’s literally no different, functionally, than this rifle pictured below…it just “looks scarier”. ffs. And you wonder why “common sense” gun legislation never passes.” The Tweet reads.

“If she doesn’t research .223 weaponry, she’s not going to bother with a little ole .22.,” another commenter replied.

Commenters were relentless but Shannon put herself out there without bothering to at least Google the gun. That just goes to show how much ‘research’ these gun-grabbers put into the things they say.

“Shannon has so much stupid stored inside it spills right out every time she opens her mouth. Scary looking .22 rimfire there. The rabbits, squirrels, and paper targets are running for their lives! She should stick to what she knows best, which obviously isn’t firearms,” the banter continued.

But by far, our favorite jab at the ‘liberal warrior’ has to be this Tweet:


The hilarious comments directed at Watts goes on and on. We recommend you check them out for yourselves. The Twitter-activist had nothing to say in her own defense. Instead, she flooded her own feed with more liberal nonsense.