The Fight Against Gun Control An Endless Battle Against Opportunistic Liberals

Gun Control A Right Shrouded In Emotion.

School shootings are tragic and no one argues against that. It is a great loss when youths die in general. But it seems like the left couldn’t wait to push their disarm America narrative. Pelosi enthusiastically tweeted the following:

Too many of these incidences happen because schools are not doing what needs to be done. Adam Baldwin had the right idea when he tweeted this:

Just as Israel has armed guards maybe we need to do the same and have some trained guards protect our children. Sometimes you need to fight fire with fire. Since the school shootings are always stopped by armed authorities why not have them on hand? But Anti-Gun Liberals would never go for that, as it would stop the shootings and negate their whole gun hating narrative. These Liberals have the weird notion that criminals will be thwarted if you make stricter gun laws. Whereas the reality is the criminals will just obtain the guns illegally.

Watch Shapiro’s Answer To School Shootings and Gun Control Below.

Voices of reason like Shapiro and Baldwin are drowned out by the liberal media. Jimmy Kimmel with his crocodile tears had this ridiculous thing to say:

“Somewhere along the line, these guys forgot they work for us. Not the N.R.A. Us,” the comedian said. “And this time we’re not going to allow you to bow your head in prayer for two weeks . . . We’re going to make sure you do something this time.”

The NRA protects our second amendment right to bear arms. Without the NRA who knows if we would be able to maintain any gun rights at all. But Kimmel doesn’t care about that since he is all about the ratings and pops tears out at will to make an impact.

Watch Crowder Destroy Gun Control Arguments.

The public needs more Pro-Gun Celebrities. The late-night hosts and comedic political commentators have a heck of a reach and misinform the public by playing on their emotions. The incident was not even a day old before Liberals readied their Anti Gun Narratives and attacked the public, still shocked at hearing of the Mass shooting. As a Nation, we do not need Gun Control. We clearly have a mental illness issue and lack of appropriate security at schools. These cold-hearted liberals need to stop preying upon the victims of tragedy to push their gun hating agendas.