Dems Up For Re-Election Shudder Over Biden’s New Scapegoat In Formula Shortage

Democrats running for re-election are sweating bullets after Biden created a new scapegoat.

Almost 43% of the nation’s stock of baby formula is gone and in eight states over 50% is off the shelves and who does Biden blame? Parents.

It is going to be fun to watch Democratic candidates defend that position during election debates.

Left-wing candidates are biting their nails after the Biden administration added that they are going to fix the shortage.

They know that’s not very promising after watching Biden “fix” Afghanistan, the economy, inflation, and gas prices (sarcasm).

The administration is blaming parents that are buying up formula claiming they are responsible for the shortage however, parents couldn’t find any if they wanted to. Most major retailers are rationing their stock only allowing one or two cans to be purchased a time.

Can you blame parents for stocking up after watching the Biden administration in action for the last 18 months?

Americans do not trust the president.

In the New York Post, former FDA associate commissioner Peter Pitts said that Biden “knew that this shortage situation was going to happen.”

“They should have educated parents, given them advanced warning, let them know how to prepare,’’ he said. “The result was that one day parents go to the store and the shelves are empty – and they panic.

“The White House isn’t handling it,” Pitts added bluntly.

If Democrats up for re-election think this is bad just wait until the summer brownouts start.