Brace: National Grocery Store Chain Warning Should Send Shivers Down Our Spine

The media nor the administration isn’t talking about, America should getting ready to brace.

Prices are about to go through the roof  and many items are about to disappear from the shelves.

Kroger is warning that prices are going to continue to rise another 2 to 3 percent through the rest of the. Prices for meat have already increased up to 14% and compared to 2020, fresh fruit has risen an additional 4.9%.

But that’s not all, a power supply issue in China is about to cut production off to the rest of the world which will cause a massive amount of inflation and stagflation.

Economist Mike Beckham explains the situation occurring in China and how it will impact consumers in the United States.

Thanks to people like Biden in Washington who sold our supply chain to China America is about to get crushed.

There was a man that wanted factories to stay in the USA but they sent him away because they didn’t like his tweets.