Biden Runs Out Of Places To Hide: Joe Gets Cornered After His Allies Beg Him To Back Off His Latest Stunt, ‘Move On!’

President Joe Biden just got corned by members of his own party.

It has been rumored that Biden is going to end Title 42, which is a pandemic restriction that blocked immigrants from entering the country. The administration has admitted that removing the restriction is going to cause a massive influx at the border.

With his approval numbers in the 30s Democrats are begging Biden to keep the restrictions in place and one Senator has thrown him under the bus.

Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema released a public statement that pretty much summarized that if Biden lifts Title 42 she told him not to and whatever happens is his fault.

“The Administration’s extension of public health emergency authorities proves the need to delay lifting Title 42 to protect the health and safety of Arizona communities and migrants. I’ll keep pushing for transparency and accountability from the Administration to help secure the border, keep Arizona communities safe, and ensure migrants are treated fairly and humanely,” said Sinema, Chair of the Border Management Subcommittee,” Sinema wrote on her social media account and in a statement released by her office.

It’s not just Democrats in purple states that are begging Biden to back off, his own buddies like Senator Chris Coons are telling Joe to postpone lifting the order.

A senior Democrat Senate aide told The Hill that Biden should postpone the CDC rule until after the midterm election.

“Extend it and move on,” the source said. “It shows how much the right drives the discourse.”

Another source told The Hill that it is expected that Biden is going to postpone removing the order.

“I think it is almost certain they will either have to change their ruling on Title 42 or come up with something else that is going to address what will otherwise be a very critical problem at the border,” the aide said. “Seeing how we’ve been unable to come up with a successful Plan B over the past two years … I think pushing back the Title 42 rescission is probably the more likely outcome.”

A recent poll found that 56% of registered voters oppose Biden’s decision to lift Trump-era border control policies highlighting that Biden’s immigration policies are incredibly unpopular.

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