Biden Fumes Over New Movement Engulfing The USA

Biden is not a happy camper!

A new phenomenon is sweeping across the USA that may dwarf “Let’s Go Brandon.”

“I did that!” Joe Biden stickers are being seen everywhere and now you can buy a 100-pack of them on Amazon for about $10-$20.

The stickers first started making their rounds as gs approached $3.50 a gallon but now that the national average has hit $4.32 a gallon the stickers are everywhere.

“I take off five or six a day from our different pumps,” Perry Cagle, assistant manager of an Exxon station near Athens, told WAAY-TV in Alabama.

It’s not just gas prices that are hitting all-time highs, prices rose 10% in February from this time last year. Thanks to Joe Biden things cost more than they ever have.

Gas prices are starting to slowly come down however, they still won’t be close to what they were during the Trump Administration.

Thanks to Joe Biden’s terrible policies the Fed has said they are going to raise interest rates which means more pain for Americans. Credit card rates and auto loans are going to be higher putting more financial pressure on the backs of the American people.

Joe Biden has made a mess of a country that not long ago had the best economy in history.