Anti-Gun Students Prove How Oblivious They Really Are.

Anti-Gun Student Advocates, Have No Idea What A Semi-Automatic Weapon Is.

The overly exploited Parkland students have started an unfortunate trend of spreading ignorance. They have caused nationwide walkouts and some have even resorted to violence. In Minneapolis, during the Nationwide walkout, a more level-headed student decided to wave a Trump flag which led to an incident.

Two students confronted the Trump flag-bearing student across from the high school campus on West 47th Street. At least six additional students were involved in the physical altercation.

Police said the six students took the Trump flag, damaged the other student’s camera and inflicted minor injuries during the brief altercation. No arrests were made in the incident and a school resource officer who intervened is investigating the attack, police said.”

But these are the kind of students that are trying to push politicians to change policy, to take away American rights. You can watch how “informed” they are in the video below.

Watch The Video Below.

As you can see these students don’t know the difference between an AR-15 and a “mean looking gun.” They should keep their uninformed opinions to themselves. But maybe there is a way to shut these gun grabbers up. A study reveals that the smartphones, a student staple, are more dangerous than guns.

According to the DMV, 9 people are killed every day due to a distracted driver. That’s an estimated total of 3285 which is 10 times the number of people who die annually from any kind of rifle in the United States.”

So maybe all these politically motivated students should take a step back. As they have a much more dangerous item in their possession daily. So where is the Liberal outcry for all of these new drivers that are being killed daily? Seems like quite the epidemic much worse than any gun violence. But I guess that wouldn’t fit the disarm America Liberal Narrative.