ALERT: The FDA Just Recalled Several Varieties Of Dog Food….

The FDA has just recalled several varieties of dog food, and so apparently our pets are not even safe anymore…

Apparently, a popular dog food brand called Sport Mix might be deadly to animals. It was recently discovered that there are high levels of aflatoxin in the canine chow that has resulted in the deaths of at least 28 dogs. Thus, the FDA has issued a recall notice for this dog food due to this fact and also that eight other dogs almost died but still survived.

To make a long story short, the dog food was proven to include several toxins that were a threat to dogs and cats, and so several varieties were recalled. These brands not only included Sports Mix Energy Plus, but Premium High Energy and Original Cat Lines.

Sports Mix dog food is made by Midwestern Pet Food, and they are clamoring to get their tainted product back from consumers before more of their beloved pets die from this toxic ingredient.

The tests of the dog food brand were carried out by some of the dedicated people at the Missouri Department of Agriculture. These researchers found high levels of aflatoxin, according to the Daily Mail. This ingredient is known to cause acute poisoning within dogs and cats due to the fact that it comes from the Aspergillus Flavus Mold, which has a tendency to keep building within the bodies of the pets until it is too late.

There are some symptoms of aflatoxin poisoning that pet owners should be aware of, including loss of appetite, sluggishness, vomiting, jaundice, and even diarrhea. There are times that this toxin can be so damaging to pets that it results in liver damage.
The fact that this toxin is known to show up in several varieties of dog food should give any pet owner pause, so if you or a loved one has been feeding your dog these tainted varieties of dog food, it is absolutely time to contact your veterinarian.

Luckily, pet owners themselves are not at risk of getting sick from the toxin just due to handling the tainted dog food. However, many pet experts suggest that the pet owners should wash their hands just in case.

The jury is still out whether Sports Mix needs to recall more types of their dog food. The list of foods affected in this incident could grow if the FDA and the Missouri Department of Agriculture identify more problematic foods that could be harmful to pets.

There are some pet owners who have turned to social media to discuss whether this and other types of pet food led to their animal’s sudden death.

There are some pet owners who have even turned to social media to discuss these comes events and to try to diagnose if prepaid food might have led to their precocious that this led to thoroughly animal’s sudden death.

“I was getting my dog this dog food, and she passes away,” wrote one Facebook user.

Another said that her Rottweiler “passed away three weeks ago just out of nowhere. He was a very healthy dog.” But wait, the FDA just recalled this dog food! Really?

On Daily Mail, more than one hundred people launched a discussion to talk about the toxic dog food.

“This happened with Purina Beneful at one time as well. They paid on a class action suit and tried to keep it as hush as possible. Really sad because it isn’t something you should have to worry about, but it happens too often not to.”

One used recently suggested that people should start smaller their relatively complete from advance in order to avoid these problems.

“It’s really easy to make your own dog food and very much worth it. My dog lived until he was 19.”

That’s why you should be careful when the FDA just recalled something for sure.