WHOA: Joe Manchin Suddenly Turns Against President Biden

For the first year of Joe Biden’s term, one moderate Democrat kept chaos at bay (for the most part). West Virginia’s Sen. Joe Manchin refused to back Democrats’ worst ideas, including killing the filibuster, packing the Supreme Court, and spending billions while America suffers inflation.

But, just weeks before the midterm elections, Manchin turned on Americans to back a version of Biden’s “build back better” wasteful bill. Manchin voted for Biden’s falsely-named “Inflation Reduction Act,” even though he previously rebuked Democrats for spending cash without paying for it.

Now, after torching America’s future, he suddenly has one fear.

From Breitbart:

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) stated that over the next two years, he wants to make sure that the Inflation Reduction Act is implemented properly and he is concerned that whatever government agency is in charge of the tax incentives in the legislation is “going to interpret it differently than what the intent was.” […]

“…right now, I’m concerned, whether it be Treasury, whether it be whoever’s — with all the tax — different incentives, are they going to interpret it differently than what the intent was.”

It’s a little too late, now, Manchin! You already sold-out Americans by supporting the bill. Sen. Manchin, fearing he’ll lose his job in the next election, is now seemingly backtracking over his support of Biden’s reckless spending bill.

Manchin claimed he was going to make sure government agencies don’t use all the money Biden is extorting from taxpayers in ways he didn’t “intend.” Um… Manchin, is this your first day in government? Of course, these agencies are going to do that!

Federal agencies are the poster children of wasteful spending. There is such little accountability within government agencies, that nobody knows what they spend our money on. (Once, while this writer worked for the EPA, one department spent $50,000 on office chairs.)

Why is Manchin suddenly worried now about this? Why wasn’t he worried about this, before he voted for the bill? You’d think he would have made sure agencies couldn’t waste this money, through the actual terms of the legislation. But Manchin was blinded by the promise of a pipeline for West Virginia.

He sold out Americans for a side deal that never happened because House progressives shut it down. And now, regretfully, he’s pretending like he’s going to make sure our money isn’t wasted.

Too little, too late.