Whoa: Former Producer and Guests Break Silence About The Liberal Bullhorn, MSNBC

Former Producer and Guests Break Their Silence About The Liberal Bullhorn, MSNBC, And One Host Stand Out Well Above The Rest.

One host, whos victims say people are are still afraid to come out against despite the #metoo campaign. So who is the host? MSNBC’s own Chris Mathews. Mathews doesn’t hide his emotional outbursts, meltdowns, and vulgarity from the viewers but sources say it is so much worse once cameras stop rolling. Why won’t the MSNBC overlords do anything about this guy? In true liberal fashion, they’re all talk and no heart. Take a look at this report by Daily Caller detailing the actions of both the host and the massive media giant.


As Reported By Amber Athey With Dail Caller.

MSNBC Host Chris Matthews runs an, at times, openly derisive and brazenly sexist news operation that has led at least some staffers to describe themselves as victims of “battered wives syndrome,” according to three of his show’s guests and two former producers who spoke exclusively to The Daily Caller.

Two former NBC producers independently alleged Matthews would rate the looks of his female guests on a scale and said Matthews was so abusive that staff joked about being battered women. The interviews in total paint Matthews as a tyrant liable to fly off the handle at the slightest mistake, who was eager to objectify women and made inappropriate sexual comments appear to be a matter of course for someone in his position.

Both former NBC producers requested anonymity out of concern for their future careers. One is actively seeking a job in media and the other still works closely with MSNBC. One expressed fears about being labeled a “troublemaker” and cited the string of former Fox News women who have all but disappeared from television.

“Sadly, I know other women who won’t even be an anonymous source regarding Chris [Matthews] because they’re that concerned about the door closing on career opportunities in media,” the producer concluded.

According to the two producers, whose combined time at the network nearly spans the existence of “Hardball,” Matthews frequently objectified his female guests and staffers, inappropriately commenting on their appearance and clothing. Matthews would allegedly use pet names like “cutie” and “sweetie pie” to refer to female guests and was constantly making uncouth and “boorish” remarks about women.

“He would eye down a woman who walked on set or comment on their features or what they were wearing,” one former producer said, explaining that it looked like Matthews was undressing the women with his eyes. “He would objectify them and interrupt them in a way that he would never do to his male guests. He has a very outdated view of women.”

The other producer likened his behavior to that of a “teenage boy,” alleging that Matthews would rate his female guests on a numerical scale, deciding which guest was the “hottest of the week,” and would talk about how “hot” various women in the office were, including herself.

One host on a CNBC show was allegedly on the receiving end of many of his comments and tried to avoid being around Matthews in the office.

“She didn’t want to be in the same room as him,” the former NBC producer claimed. “She wouldn’t want to get her makeup done if he was in there too.”

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