Watch: Buttigieg Is Suddenly At A Loss for Words After The White House Gets Caught Up In Two Lies, ‘Look, Uh, I…

Biden’s golden boy, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was at a loss for words during an interview after the White House got caught up in two lies.

“Depending which data you look at, two-thirds to 70% of inflation data is the result of energy prices,” Press Secretary Jen Psaki said during a press briefing. “A large part of that is the result of… President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the impact on the global energy markets.”

Psaki also stated the debunked claim that nobody predicted inflation would spike like it did.

In a “random act of journalism” the New York Times reported in detail that Biden was warned by his lead pollsters in April of 2021 that inflation was going to be a problem and he ignored it.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Biden’s lead pollster was already sounding the alarm that even with the early successes, certain gathering threats could sink support for the president and his party.

“Immigration is a growing vulnerability for the president,” John Anzalone and his team warned in a package of confidential polling, voter surveys and recommendations compiled for the White House. “Voters do not feel he has a plan to address the situation on the border, and it is starting to take a toll.”

Within a month, there was another stark warning. “Nearly nine in 10 registered voters are also concerned about increasing inflation,” said another memo obtained by The New York Times.

The series of confidential polling data and weekly memos presented to Mr. Biden’s inner circle from April of last year to January.

At the same time, Democrats have killed their March 2022 talking that government spending had nothing to do with inflation.


Americans aren’t stupid they know exactly why inflation is so high, which is why Buttigieg was at a loss for words.

CNN’s Don Lemon asked Buttigieg a softball question about government spending and inflation but things are so bad he didn’t want to answer the question.