US Forces Destroy Hostile Russian Tank In Self Defense

US Drone Destroys Russian Built Tank.

War is a chaotic thing and in all this disarray it seems some serious mistakes have been made. Somehow a Russian tank fired upon US-Backed Forces. The Russian built tank was firing upon The Syrian Democratic Force (SDF) which is backed by the U.S.

“The tank had been maneuvering with coordinated indirect fire on a defensive position occupied by Syrian Democratic Forces and Coalition advisers,” US Marine Corps Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said, adding that the SDF’s “position was within effective range of the hostile weapons systems.”

It is unclear who was manning the T-72 an older model Tank. But the US did not take any chances and destroyed the tank via drone.

But this was the second time the US and Russians have had an encounter this month. Earlier in the week, Pro-Regime Forces with a large number of Russian mercenaries were also thwarted after they had attacked an SDF stronghold.

“U.S. forces killed scores of Russian mercenaries in Syria last week in what may be the deadliest clash between citizens of the former foes since the Cold War, according to one U.S. official and three Russians familiar with the matter.

 More than 200 contract soldiers, mostly Russians fighting on behalf of Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad, died in a failed attack on a base held by the U.S. and mainly Kurdish forces in the oil-rich Deir Ezzor region, two of the Russians said. The U.S. official put the death toll in the fighting at about 100, with 200 to 300 injured, but was unable to say how many were Russians.”

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But the Russians claim that they had no part in the recent conflicts. Could these hostile attacks be the start of a war with Russia? Or is Russia just this unorganized?