This Could Be Why Trump Sign That Enormous Spending Bill?

The Liberal Media is tickled pink with the new upset over Trump but are they patting their own backs too soon?

Mainstream media has been reporting a decline in Trump supporters after the President signed the new spending bill. The bill itself allocates $1.3 trillion dollars into government spending and, while it has upset some Conservatives, there could be a good reason President Trump signed off on it.

One obvious issue is the bill specifically mentions military rasing military spending. As President Trump has mentioned before the military needs some much-needed support and upgrading of outdated equipment.

Perhaps, a not so obvious reason that the President signing was more of a tactical move. Sure, signing off on the new bill made the ‘talking heads’, like Pelosi, happy but a good leader seeks to bridge the gap of divide. A good leader knows that sometimes you have to lose a battle to win a war.

At this time, the media isn’t wrong, there are some pretty angry Conservatives out there wagging their fingers at Trump but did he really lose support? We don’t think so.

Tump has proven time and time again that he never shows his full hand until the time is right. Just as the title of the piece below says ‘Letting Trump Be Trump’ has worked out in our favor thus far. In the end, we all want to see our President succeed. Take a look.

As Reported By MICHAEL WALSH with PJ Media:

The president’s threat to veto the omnibus spending bill even comes in for mockery, although that briefly heartened the conservative base; in the end, Trump was persuaded to sign the dog’s breakfast served up by Paul Ryan thanks to the generous (deficit) funding of the military. Democrats, of course, crowed that Trump didn’t get funding for his wall.

But perhaps this is the end. Trump doesn’t like getting publicly rolled, and Ryan and Mitch McConnell did just that, presenting him with a fait accompli to avoid another phantom “shutdown,” and then laughing in his face. The first thing Trump should do to signal his displeasure is to fire Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao, McConnell’s wife, and replace her with a cardboard cutout and an auto-pen.

The second thing is to make it clear to Ryan that his days as speaker of the House are numbered, and that Trump will no longer campaign for GOP duds like Rick Saccone in a Pennsylvania district the president easily carried in 2016, but instead will throw his endorsement behind candidates who will swell the ranks of the House Freedom Caucus, whose members cordially loathe Ryan and his leadership team.

Finally, the leaks simply have got to stop. No White House is leak-proof, and courtiers from ancient Rome through the Borgias to contemporary Washington have always sought curry favor with the mob in order to stab their opponents in the back; reporters now play the role of the Lurker Behind the Arras. Still, it’s encouraging to see that one of Bolton’s tasks will be to ferret out the leakers in the NSC and elsewhere.

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