Trump Makes Plan To Empower Teachers And Stop School Shootings

Trump Makes Plan To End Future Shootings

Liberals have frantically been pushing their Anti-Gun Narrative knowing they only have so much time to use the emotions felt for this tragedy to disarm the public. Trump like the rest of us is sick of the nonsense that Liberals are spouting and has come up with a real plan. A plan to prevent future shootings. A plan that actually addresses issues as opposed to trying to disarm the American people leaving us defenseless to criminals.

Trump’s plan is to arm at least 20% of the teachers, raise the age limit for buying a gun, ban bump stocks, and have more comprehensive backgrounds checks with a strong focus on mental health. The armed teachers will, of course, have to be trained, preferably those with prior military training. The raising of the buying age will prevent youths from purchasing a weapon which kind of makes sense as the coming generation is eating tide pods, (laundry detergent) as some kind of stupid challenge.

Trump tweeted about all of this.

On Thursday, he tweeted: “History shows that a school shooting lasts, on average 3 minutes. It takes police & first responders approximately 5 to 8 minutes to get to the site of the crime. Highly trained, gun adept, teachers/ coaches would solve the problem instantly, before police arrive. GREAT DETERRENT!”

Watch Trump On Arming Teachers.

Trump’s plan is a compromise with his ban on bump stocks and raising the buying age. But you know that Anti-Gun nuts are going to be against this, as it is not a full gun ban, and Americans will still be able to defend themselves.

Hopefully, they pass legislation that allows teachers to properly defend their students. If they don’t you will know who to blame as this is a no-brainer and should have been enacted long time ago.