Vax Church Panic! Clogging ER With NO Symptoms

Vermont is a rural state and has one of the highest vaccinated populations in the country. A local CBS news affiliate is reporting that Vermonters who have tested positive for COVID are clogging up the ER despite the fact they are displaying no symptoms.

The medical director for the Rutland Regional Medical Center Dr. Rick Hildebrant is telling people to stay home unless they are severely ill.

Hildebrant explains that a flood of asymptomatic people is hindering others from receiving the care that they need.

“It’s not so much the beds that are the precious resource, it’s the staff at this time. So we have to have some of our clinical staff providing care to those people and they can’t provide care to the folks in the ER,” Hildebrant explained.

Human Events editor, Jack Posobiec believes the vax church is in a panic because they are beginning to realize their media sources lied to them.

A new study explains why the vax church is having a panic attack.


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