Biden Is The One Responsible For The Defenseless State Of Schools.

The school shooting has reopened the ongoing fight about Gun rights. Our second amendment gives all citizens the right to bear arms. It is the right that keeps us free from tyranny and yet it always comes under fire everytime there is a shooting. People always rush to find someone or thing to blame. This mentality is soo odd as we don’t blame spoons for making America fat or other tools yet Guns are somehow evil.

This gun debate has further intensified all due to student protests. These Liberal taught students are of course blaming guns but who is really responsible? The shooter is the obvious answer and you could say that it is the parents as that would be another fair answer. But more generally all school shootings have schools that are nearly defenseless. By defenseless I mean disarmed. If you look at Israel their faculties have guns and those guns act as deterrents to a school shooting. Students know that if they try anything their teachers will take them out to save the rest of the students.

23 years ago Biden decided to disarm our schools and put us at risk. He introduced the Gun-Free School Zones Act back in 1990 and ever since it passed our schools have been nearly defenseless against these mentally disturbed individuals.

But there is hope as Trump has plans to make our schools safer. He plans to rid us of Gun Free Zones.

Watch Trump On Gun Free Zones.

Luckily we have Trump ready to defend schools and military bases from these ridiculous Gun Free Zones. These zones that leave our schools nearly defenseless against those that would do students, educators, and servicemen harm. I would think that this would be an easy solution to the shootings that are befalling our schools. The mainstream may be right for once, we need to address this issue. We need to work on our mental health issues and make our schools safer. By giving the power back to the faculty, giving the educators the ability to arm themselves and defend the students.

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