The New Yorker’s news magazine cover is the worst one yet?

President Trump has been an advocate for New York for decades and in return, the city’s most recognizable magazine publishes a wide array of trash art depicting the president in shameful ways. The latest has gone too far, says Twitter users. A surprising number of those critics are from the liberal party.


According to Fox News, the prestigious New Yorker magazine is under fire for its latest cover, which depicts President Trump addressing reporters in the nude in an unflattering illustration that mocks his appearance.

The magazine tweeted an early look at this image and it was immediately met with criticism. While many critics chimed in with responses calling the image “disgusting” and “repulsive,” others accused the image of mocking the president for his physical appearance – which is generally frowned upon in the current cultural landscape.

“As someone who is VERY Anti-Trump, displaying him as a flesh colored blob is 100% body shaming.”

– Reader on Twitter

“I dislike Trump, but they could have done without the body shaming,” one user tweeted. “Especially considering that is a culture we are all trying to get away from.”

The reader added, “As someone who is VERY Anti-Trump, displaying him as a flesh colored blob is 100% body shaming.”

“Treating a guy who was such a great cheerleader and humanitarian for NYC before going on to become president like this? What a junk publication. Never liked their art anyway,” One poster replied, and we couldn’t agree more! The city he gave so much time to. What a shame.


Even life-long Democrats are calling foul as seen in the following Tweet:

It’s great to see the left finally outraged over their own party’s propaganda. This piece has gone way too far, for sure! Should it be legal? Let us know in the comments.




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