Reason TV Posed The Question What Is Hate Speech To College Students.

Free Speech is a privilege that not every country has the benefit of. But here in the US, there is controversy over what should be considered free speech and what crosses the line into Hate speech. Reason TV interviewed college students in California and learned how they feel about free speech.

ReasonTV (RTV):
“If somebody uses a racial slur? Is that hate speech?
“I think that would be a reason to, that would be a crime.
What if somebody says Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to enter the US?
“Yeah, that’s Hate Speech.”
“What if someone denies the Holocaust?
Student 1:
“I, no, I don’t have any understanding for that”

Student 2:                                                                                                                                                                                  “You shouldn’t be able to blatantly lie about something, especially like the holocaust.”



“A  female comedian says “men are scum”


“I don’t believe that’s hate speech.”



“All white people are racists?”


“No, I’m gonna say no


“I don’t know.”


As you can see it’s a mixed bag, the more he asks people the more you can tell that the answer is opinion based rather than fact.

“The first amendment grants absolute protection of even the most vile speech so long as it doesn’t directly incite violence.” But these students show that they believe otherwise and they are not a small minority as “40 percent of Americans now believe the government should regulate so-called hate speech.”

Watch Free Speech Interviews Below.

But if students truly believed in free speech why would they constantly be protesting speakers that they disagree with? The scary part is that many of these students want the government to regulate and tell them what they can and can’t say. These students just don’t realize that you can’t allow the government to get a hold of this right. If the governments did get a hold of it and were to regulate there is no telling how twisted and useless this right would become. The government should never be given an inch for they will take the mile. Free Speech is a great thing it’s just too bad that so many people want to restrict it.

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