Carlson: Maxine Waters’ Shameless Double Standard On Racism. [Video]

Maxine Waters’ “Rank Hypocrisy” is ever astounding. News Flash: Racism is a two-way street!

Maxine Waters considers herself an enforcer for minorities. She’s recently inundated multiple media outlets with her bias anti-Trump propaganda and her attempts to incite racism with her highly unstable demeanor. If her laughable ‘Impeach 45’ campaign isn’t enough to make you despise her- Maxine’s tight-knit relationship to the despicable racist, Louis Farrakhan, should repel you.

While Waters screams for President Trump’s unfounded impeachment, citing him a racist, she also maintains her relationship with one of the most hateful men on the planet- Farrakhan! The same Islamic leader who preaches against the Jews, against the whites and virtually anyone who doesn’t support his radical ideology. Remember the video leak of Waters hugging Farrakhan? We sure do!


 As Written By HANK BERRIEN with The Daily Wire:

[Jeryl] Bier [seen below] writes that when he emailed Waters’ press secretary asking whether the 2006 meeting took place, the press secretary replied that Waters was traveling and unable to answer.

Donald Trump is a racist and indecent man with no good values who is woefully unfit and undeserving of the office in which he serves. … Donald Trump dog-whistled his way into the White House, running a campaign based on hate, bigotry, and fear. … While he won’t denounce white nationalists from our nation’s highest office, he has leveled attacks on journalists, athletes, private citizens, and even Members of Congress — many of whom, not coincidentally, are people of color.

But hugging someone who calls Judaism a “gutter religion,” someone who said of Jews, “You are the Synagogue of Satan and therefore will be dealt with by God,” is perfectly fine in Waters’ world.

“Here’s greeting in New Orleans in 2006 to talk strategy.”

What an astonishing hypocrite.

You Can Read More Here: RANK HYPOCRISY: Maxine Waters Calls Trump A Racist. Guess Who Hugged Jew-Hater Louis Farrakhan.

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