Watch Happens When A Senile President Campaigns For Fetterman…Unbelievable

President Joe Biden recently left DC to help his buddy John Fetterman who is running for Senate in Pennsylvania. Due to a stroke in the spring, John Fetterman has had limited press appearances, and when he does speak, it doesn’t go well.

Fetterman’s health has been such an issue that he’s stopped talking with the press, and his wife has taken over the campaign. To be clear, we aren’t making fun of Fetterman – who should be resting at home – but he’s the one that refuses to back out of the race and is putting himself out there.

The event was truly a sight to behold, between Joe getting lost and Fetterman running away from reporters.

Also, during the entire event, only Joe Biden spoke, Fetterman didn’t address the crowd or make any remarks.

Below is a series of videos showing what took place.

Keep in mind that in 2022 this is the current state of the Democrat party, this is the best and brightest that they have to offer.

Biden sounded like an auctioneer.

According to a report from The Hill, Democrats are making 2024 contingency plans if the midterms turn into a blowout. It’s no wonder why Biden is so snappy he’s on a short leash.